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Act 4. Pg 075

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Comic Problems / RSS Problems

Drive Pals! With apologies, it looks like the auto-script that brings the comic “live” each Thursday at midnight hasn’t been working the past two weeks. We thought we had it fixed for this week (11/17/22), but! …it found a new way to fail.

So! Know we’re aware of the problem, and aware that it cascades an error into the RSS feed. Hopefully we’ll get it sorted by next week’s update.

…Websites are fun!

Sci-fi fans! Dave will be at LOSCON!

Pals! For the first time ever, I’m gonna be a fancy-shmancy GUEST OF HONOR at a sci-fi convention! And I hope you’ll be there! 

It’s at LOSCON, running three days: Nov 25-27!

There are all sorts of Star Trek and Star Wars writers and people like David Brin and Larry Niven and Hugo Winners and a bunch of other names in the sci-fi world. And me, I guess! As a fancy-shmancy GUEST OF HONOR!

I’ll be signing and selling Drive and Sheldon books, aaaand, I’ll be on all these fancy-shmancy panels as a fancy-shmancy GUEST OF HONOR!


Nov 25, 2:30pm, Location: California 3
“Artist Spotlight: Dave Kellett”

Nov 26, 2:30pm, Location: Pacific Coast 4
“Creating Your Own Comic”

Nov 26, 5:30pm, Location: California 3
“Guest of Honor Q&A: Dave Kellett”

Last call for “History & Haberdashery”!

Drive Pals! There’s just one more week to read the DRIVE story “History & Haberdashery” — written by Howard Tayler and drawn by Mike Norton. As of Nov 10th, it will be available only to Patreon backers.

On this new Drive site, the patrons of get access to all 16 TALES OF THE DRIVE. And each time a new story is created…it’ll be public for a few months, then go permanently into the Patreon-exclusive archives. 

SO JOIN US! You get amazing stories from artists like Dylan Meconis, Ryan North, Tony Cliff, Terry Blas, Tauhid Bondia…aaaaaand you get:

  • Early reads!
  • Sneak peeks!
  • Art giveaways!
  • Super rad forums!
  • Behind-the-scenes!
  • …and more!

    Join us:

WOOO! Drive Special Offer!

Drive Pals! We’re running a Patreon Special Offer for two eBooks!
Join us on Patreon by 9/30/22 at the $5 level, and you get two exclusive eBooks:

  • The Act IV Preview eBook (80 pages)
  • The Drive Manual eBook, v2.0 (68 pages)

Both of these Patreon exclusives are rad by themselves, but when you join us you’ll also get:

  • 200+ pages of “Tales of the Drive” unlocked on
  • Early reads of future weeks’ of Drive!
  • Weekly art giveaways on Patreon!
  • Behind-the-Scenes and Sneak Peeks!
  • Access to the super fun Patreon Forums, where Dave chimes in all the time!

Unlock More Drive!

Pals! Now that the new site is launched, it’s time to talk about the coolest new trick you can do:
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When you’re logged in on the new site, you’ll get:


CHECK THIS OUT: When you’re *not* logged in with Patreon, your reading stops at page 60, below, see? But when you *are* logged in, you unlock pages and pages and pages more reading!

Plus, when you join us on Patreon, you’ll get access to the fantastic community, where we talk theories, characters, species, ships and more!

And each week, I give away one piece of frame-able art with our famous “pop quiz”!

Plus, you get all the behind-the-scenes and extra details that only Patreon gives you.

And don’t forget: You also get 200+ pages of “Tales of the Drive” when you’re logged in! That’s bonkers more pages!

So! Try it for $2 for one month, and see for yourself!

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