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I have six new pins debuting exclusively at Comic-Con next week! But YOU can get them without travelling to San Diego, when you join us on Patreon by Thurs July 13th. On Friday I’ll be sending out the secret link to just the Patreon Pals™, where you can get ‘Con-Exclusive pins without going to the ‘Con!
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Quick bit of fun news!

hey neat!

…DRIVE just got nominated for “Best Long Form Story” in the National Cartoonist Society Awards!

And to make things even more fun: It’s up against two cartoonists who I’d be proud to lose to! So that’ll make for a fun night in Jersey City!

I think I’ll make a trip of it with my pal Brad Guigar….so! That means I’ll probably do my first east-coast signing in 15 years! Would any NYC/Jersey/Connecticut/Pennsylvania folks come out, if I did that?* More info to come as we get closer to the Sept 7th Awards night!

*You can let me know over on the Patreon chats, or email me at [email protected]

International pals: ACT 3 now w/ better shipping!

ACT 3 just got added to Amazon (link). This is good news if you’re outside the U.S., as this might be the cheapest way to get the book shipped to you. Aaaaand, it just so happens they have it on sale at the moment, 47%-off! So this is a good time to snag it. (The artist makes the same whether on sale, or normal price, btw.)

ACT 3 hardcover on sale on Amazon (47%-off, as of 2/14/23)

ACT 3 softcover on sale on Amazon (34%-off, as of 2/14/23)

ACT 2 hardcover on sale on Amazon (23%-off, as of 2/14/23)

ACT 1 hardcover on sale on Amazon (not on sale, it seems)