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Sassy Pg 1

Join me, my friends, as we enter the world of SASSY SORCERERS!

Ripped from the headlines of our main story, you’ve already been introduced to the Drive in-world TTRPG, “Sassy Sorcerers” (see 123456). And now we explore our own campaign!

This Tales of the Drive is drawn by the incredibly talented Mary Cagle, also known as Cube Watermelon on X and Tumblr! Mary’s style and lineart are perfect for this story, and I can’t thank her enough for the gift of her time and talents! Please go check out her work!

It was written by Beth Reidmiller and I, and was a dang delight to giggle over, as we imagined how Fillipods would approach a role-playing game.

I hope you enjoy it! It was tremendous fun for us!

Just 3 days left to get my new book!

There’s just THREE DAYS LEFT to get my new comics collection! It’s gonna be a dang delight: 240 page, all-color collection of my bestest comics from recent years. (And we’ve already unlocked two stretch goals to make it even better at no extra cost to you!) I’m super proud of this book — I know you’re gonna love it!

BUT! I’m not going to be printing a huge amount over and above the Kickstarter, so please don’t sleep on it! Get your book during the Kickstarter, pals!


The next SHELDON collection is now on Kickstarter!

GET IT TOGETHER PICKLES is on Kickstarter now!


And I’m making the largest Sheldon comics collection yet: GET IT TOGETHER, PICKLES!

And it’s gonna be awesome! Over 240 pages of strips never-before-in-print, brought together for the 11th Sheldon Collection! It’s full-color, and it even has a section devoted to everyone’s favorite bird, Pickles! And because it’s a collection of comic strips, this book is the perfect pick-up for everyone: Whether you’re a new fan, or have collected all ten Sheldon books! So GET IT TOGETHER PICKLESand get this book!

This book is gonna be CLASSY AS HECK. Check out the specs!

  • 240-page softcover book!
  • Printed in full color!
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 9” (216mm x 229mm)
  • Weight: TBD, but it’s gonna be a hefty mamma-jamma at 240 pages!

This book is full of your favorite Sheldon strips: Nerdy pop culture jokes, heartfelt poems, Gramp’s coffee addiction, sassy ducks, and, of course…a whole lotta Pickles!

With lots of neat additional rewards and add-ons, there’s lots to see over at! Jump in now to make sure you don’t pull a Pickles and miss out!

Patreon Exclusive is up!

A heads up for Patreon Pals™, and folks who want to become Patreon Pals™! There’s a bonus DRIVE page up on Patreon right now — one that will never appear on the main site! ha ha ha and it’s awesome. You won’t want to miss it! Here’s the link:


  •   200+ pages of bonus “TALES OF THE DRIVE”!
  •   Weekly art giveaways!
  •   Behind-the-scenes!
  •   Pal-times forums!
  •   It’s super worth it! Jump in:

Drive books now on Kindle Unlimited!

For those of you who have Kindle Unlimited accounts, a heads up: All three Drive books are now on Unlimited. You can read ’em, review ’em, rate ’em, and more! Here are the links!

DRIVE: Act 1
DRIVE: Act 2
DRIVE: Act 3

As you’ll see on my Author Page, all my books are now on Unlimited. All ten Sheldon books, all the pug books, all the themed books, and all the Anatomy books! So if you have an Unlimited account, happy reading!
Anatomy of Dinosaurs

Anatomy of Authors
Anatomy of Animals
Pugs Unleashed
Pugs: They Think They’re People
Pugs: God’s Little Weirdos
Pure Ducky Goodness
The Good, the Bad and the Pugly
62% More Awesom
A Blizzard of Lizards
Nerds on Parade
Living Dangerously with Saturated Fats
Still Got It
Delightful Jokes for High-Class Folks
In It to Swim It
Pal Times…for Pals!
Coffee: It’s What’s for Dinner
Literature: Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953
Pop Culture!

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