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The next SHELDON collection is now on Kickstarter!

GET IT TOGETHER PICKLES is on Kickstarter now!


And I’m making the largest Sheldon comics collection yet: GET IT TOGETHER, PICKLES!

And it’s gonna be awesome! Over 240 pages of strips never-before-in-print, brought together for the 11th Sheldon Collection! It’s full-color, and it even has a section devoted to everyone’s favorite bird, Pickles! And because it’s a collection of comic strips, this book is the perfect pick-up for everyone: Whether you’re a new fan, or have collected all ten Sheldon books! So GET IT TOGETHER PICKLESand get this book!

This book is gonna be CLASSY AS HECK. Check out the specs!

  • 240-page softcover book!
  • Printed in full color!
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 9” (216mm x 229mm)
  • Weight: TBD, but it’s gonna be a hefty mamma-jamma at 240 pages!

This book is full of your favorite Sheldon strips: Nerdy pop culture jokes, heartfelt poems, Gramp’s coffee addiction, sassy ducks, and, of course…a whole lotta Pickles!

With lots of neat additional rewards and add-ons, there’s lots to see over at! Jump in now to make sure you don’t pull a Pickles and miss out!

Patreon Exclusive is up!

A heads up for Patreon Pals™, and folks who want to become Patreon Pals™! There’s a bonus DRIVE page up on Patreon right now — one that will never appear on the main site! ha ha ha and it’s awesome. You won’t want to miss it! Here’s the link:


  •   200+ pages of bonus “TALES OF THE DRIVE”!
  •   Weekly art giveaways!
  •   Behind-the-scenes!
  •   Pal-times forums!
  •   It’s super worth it! Jump in: