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Act 2. Pg 052


Recalled Imperial Propaganda Poster, 2401.

This digital propaganda poster was pulled almost immediately from the Imperial VidPack System, after it had been made the default lock screen for all users. It was widely derided for a number of clueless design choices, and when Familia themselves were seen to be joking about it, comedy writers and talk shows had a field day with it. Common criticisms included:

  • That a Fillipod was taking the lead. And — as would be true of all Fillipods — could in no way be read as “tough looking”.
  • That an angry-looking, elder-crested Veetan was depicted. And was nonsensically given a cape.
  • That Tesskans were included at all, when 98% of the imperial population of Tesskans had just been decimated.
  • That a Nyx of Du Fu was seen to be placed too far back in the pack, in what was commonly seen as a “Hey guys, wait up” pose.
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