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Act 4. Pg 142

Su altísima excelencia,

Following the Treaty of Saseet, our information-sharing with the Grasskans is generating considerable intelligence. Fourteen reports are attached for review, but I wanted to append four executive summaries:

• The Grasskans have provided an in-depth description of the leadership structure for The Continuum. We've generated an organizational chart (see Report A, page 23) that seems to be accurate as of 12 months ago.

• The Grasskans were aware of McBride’s Wormhole. Their archives hold the location and description of the phenomenon, across multiple sensor platforms. Jinyiwei analysts have begun operations to quietly purge that data from Grasskan systems.

• The Grasskans have provided critical information on a little-known species known as the “Gannath”. The Gannath are a regional threat, and already attempted to capture the Machito en route to Astheet. In light of that, I’ve asked my analysts to review that data on a expedited basis. We’ve generated six reports (see attached Reports C-H) on Gannath technology, offensive capabilities, spider-like biology, sociology, ethics, and power structure.

We’ve isolated a core concern about the Gannath: Its leadership. Over centuries of war, the Grasskans continually found it impossible to sue for peace with the Gannath. They are ruled by a dictator known as “The Center”, who is larger, smarter, and more capable than their subjects -- but also biologically unsuited to compromise. Whenever the current Center died, a small number of Gannath would feel “called” to battle one another. These 200-300 Gannath would fight to the death until only one remained. The victorious Gannath would then be left alone to feed on the corpses of its opponents. But the victor's diet was hyper-specific: They ate just one tiny organ at the back of the brain. Similar in size to a human appendix, this organ produces a type of “royal jelly” that, when consumed in large enough quantities, triggers a cascade of molecular events. The victorious Gannath emerges with vastly increased size, mental capacity, violence, and narcissism.

As a result, the Grasskans found each Center to be universally unreasonable to treaty with. They were like a living id of the Gannath’s worst traits. And when paired with the Gannath’s territorial paranoia, and their advanced technologies, our analysis is that this makes for a unique threat to the Machito. I have sent this review to Captain Taneel, and await her reply.

• Lastly: You had ordered that no data be shared from these Grasskan files with subject worlds. I have made one exception: Releasing 2,456 files of previously unknown Grasskan literature to the Fillipods, after a formal request by the Tesskil High Ministry of Poetry.

I fly to Saseet in the morning, to review the Grasskan fleet.

This fist moves mountains. This fist moves stars.

El Puño

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