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Act 4. Pg 007


Bienvenidos a Paa’Q, soldier. As part of the Cuerpos Expedicionarios, you are bringing the Armada’s
fight to the Qen rebellion. Your role will be to monitor, suppress, attack & ultimately eradicate terrorist rebels who have infiltrated Qen communities. These terrorists do not represent the greater Qen population, who
express an ardent desire for His Majesty’s rule. These rebels seek to strike the Empire, its citizens, and its
interests -- in order to drive His Majesty’s forces from the planet. You will not allow that to happen. You will
be called upon to assist Armada (and Jinyiwei) assets in orbit, on land, and underwater. To do so, you must first come to know your enemy. This 32-page Paa’Q OpPlan summary will help you know the rebels, so that
you may better fight the rebels. “Contra la Grande y Felicísima Armada, ¿Quién Puede Resistir?”
Gun-turret photo taken during an attack on the Paa’Q San Salvador Equatorial Arms Depot, 7/3/00.
Note: The Qen terrorist flies the (recently reclaimed) iconography of the Paa’Q Union,
discovered in an archaelogical find. Know this symbol: Know your enemy.

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