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Act 2. Pg 028


Enciclopedia Xenobiológica
Species: Prahsitt

Homeworld: Wirum

Size: 1.5-2.5m

Color & Markings: Prahsitt children are born with either aquamarine, green, or bright yellow hides; even in the same litter. Extensive testing has shown no difference in aptitude, personality or intelligence between differently colored children. However, the highly superstitious people of Wirum believe a green child (the rarest of the three) portends a truly unique life. This, in turn, begins a self-reinforcing series of parenting choices that result in “Green-Born” children living more interesting lives.

Reproduction & Development: Prahsitts reproduce sexually, producing a litter of 2-3 children after a 5-month gestation period. Conception is only considered only after a long checklist of superstitious conditions are met: These can include weather, time, foods prepared, number of red birds seen day-of, ill words spoken or heard, and on and on to a ridiculous degree. Offworlders would think it’s a miracle that conception ever happens at all...but the rules are bent all the time, if grain-wine is present. Prahsitt children are raised in communities of extended family and tight-knit farming communities. When a Prahsitt arrives at their “Time of Choosing,” that community parenting flows into a self-selected choice of a new home or guild. That teen Prahsitt, having decided what path they want to pursue in life, moves in with their new family/host to learn a trade or gain knowledge. For most of Prahsitt history, the “Time of Choosing” meant one’s offspring moved within a walkable distance, often within the same town. But since the arrival of the Grasskans, it now often means painful, years-long family separations when a teen travels into space. Though a simple, salt-of-the-earth folk by inclination, Prahsitts have adapted well to their spacing age, and can now be found in every port in The Wash, excelling in all manner of jobs. Like Slaughter, Wirum sits just outside the formal Grasskan Empire, but enjoys most of the trade, protections, and services the Empire has to offer. In the case of Wirum, this is due to an almost impossible series of events wherein a Prahsitt farmer saved the lives of the Grasskan Emperor and her two daughters from an assasination attempt by the Five Familes of Slaughter. The Grasskans, in turn, extended to Wirum their highest life-debt in thanks: The “10 Lifetimes Pledge,” during which the Empire would protect and help Wirum. Related: All five Setts were subsequently found murdered in their beds, and replaced by Brood-Setts of the Empire’s choosing.

Diet: Omnivores.

Lifespan: 100-120 years.

Language: Moq and Ti’tal are the most commonly spoken languages on Wirum. But the ever-increasing amounts of trade that the Prahsitt conduct in The Wash -- especially with the Grasskan Empire -- has meant more and more Grasskan and Astina words filtering into daily use.

Social Structure: As a people, Prahsitts value both hard work, and the time it gives them with family. Though advanced technology is peppered throughout their society, it hasn’t influenced tradtional Prahsitt thinking much. For example, you could find an advanced Grasskan seed recombinator right next to a 100-year old pickax in a Prahsitt toolshed, but it’s given no deference: It’s just another tool to get things done.

Intelligence Rating: Though most commonly testing in the Juliett/Kilo range of the Chatterjee Scale, Prahsetts have been known to test as high as November/Oscar.

Interaction with Humans: Prahsitts rarely find themselves traveling as far as the Empire, but they are always well-mannered in their human interactions, and get along peaceably with the Empire. Notably, they love drinking and sharing songs with Veetans.


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