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New Colorist!

Monday, June 27, 2016 - 09:35 AM

SHORT VERSION: Sheldon has a new colorist, starting today: Beth Morrell!

LONG VERSION: Little fun-fact about me: I’m color blind in the red-green part of the spectrum. For those not familiar with color-blindedness: It doesn’t mean a red chair is invisible to me, or that I see a red chair in black and white (Although my grandfather did! He was 100% color blind!). For me, my color-blindness just means I see a different color from what you see (...sometimes *very* different) when I’m looking at the same red or green chair you’re looking at.

WHICH WAS FINE when, at a young age, I picked an art form that was largely black-and-white. Cartooning was the perfect art form for color blindedness! Black lines on white paper! Bam! Poifect!

BUT THEN THE INTERNET CAME ALONG, and now that the print costs of color printing weren’t a factor anymore, everyone sorta-kinda started to expect color cartoons in their daily webcomics reading.

WHICH WAS FINE, as I sorta figured out workarounds using math, color spectrum guides and Photoshop, to tell me when I was coloring a red chair…red. But coloring was never natural to me.

ENTER BETH MORRELL, a super talented Washington-based artist, who’ll be coloring Sheldons going forward! Beth has an incredible eye, and creates fantastic art in her own right. And though she’ll be coloring Sheldon with a palette that’s very similar to my own, at first, I imagine she’ll start experimenting and branching out into her own subjective choices as time goes on. Which is a very long way of saying: We’re about to get some great, great coloring…starting today!


Please check out Beth’s incredible work at! And if you’re inclined to be awesome, welcome her to the land of Sheldonistas on Twitter at bethisomething

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A Little Time

Monday, May 23, 2016 - 04:01 PM

Today begins our fourth TALES OF THE DRIVE guest story: "A Little Time"! Zach Weinersmith's tale will unfold over the next eight weeks, as the crew desperately attempts to fix mistakes made in time travel. You're going to love it.

And! AND! If you're not familiar with Zach's work, make sure you check out Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: It's nerdery at it's finest. Here's the link: []

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"That Time" Moved in the Archives

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 04:09 PM

Our third TALES OF THE DRIVE story, "That Time the Veetans Defeated the Tesskans...FOREVER" has been moved in the archives, so now you can read it straight through. The story now begins HERE.

[Additionally, here are the links for our two previous tales, YOUR DISTANT HOMELAND and CUTE THINGS.]


I want to say a huge public thank you to Ryan North and Tony Cliff -- two artists I have infinite respect for -- for producing such a delightful story in the DRIVE universe. They'd never worked together before, but the story and images they produced melded perfectly, and were a delight to read.

Any time I open up a DRIVE story to guest artists, I do it with one unusual caveat: NO EDITING FROM ME. I bring in artists I trust, and then let them run free to write and draw what they like. A.) Because it's a sign of respect to their time and talent, and B.) Setting them loose in such a way often produces their best work. And boy was that the case, here. I loved this story. Loved, loved, loved it.


If you loved it, too, PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO TELL THE ARTISTS ON TWITTER. It always means a lot to artists to hear a kind word!

@ryanqnorth |

@tangocharlie |

And make sure you check out their work!




And on Monday: We begin Zach Weinersmith's story, "A Little Time"!

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