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Act 4. Pg 096

“Instructions for a Windscream Rite”

Like all the Great Manuscript Barks of Astheet, this Windscream Bark is a keystone record of Rhinn culture. It describes the difficult process of a “Windscream Rite,” where an individual Rhinn’s memories could be forcefully recalled using group telepathy. The Rite would most commonly be used by a village to “witness” a criminal’s past transgression, and thereby prove guilt.

This particular Bark was gifted to the captain of the ISP Machito in 2402. It was written on Kalinin tree bark over 900 years ago. The Rhinn would’ve preserved it in a process akin to ancient leather tanning on Tierra: using copious amounts of urine. Hence the unique Rhinn phrase about the learnéd, “They have the stink of knowledge on them.”

(Now held in the Museo Militar del Imperio, Palacio de Buenavista, Madrid.)

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