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Act 1. Pg 004

Enciclopedia Xenobiológica

Species: The Continuum of Makers

Homeworld: Unknown

Size: Average 2.10 m tall, 135 kg

Color & Markings: Though comments regarding physical differences have been witnessed in the presence of Makers and pre-Makers, the human eye has immense trouble discerning them. There is, however, a noted tendency towards highly individualized dress, presumably as it is "Spirit-like".

Reproduction & Development: The Continuum reproduces asexually, budding over a two-day term within a semi-buried, silica-based cocoon. (See attached holograph.) Offspring emerge with a surprisingly large racial memory that includes basic language, mathematics, and physical abilities. After division, offspring in the Continuum go through two developmental and sociological stages: Adolescent "pre-Maker" stage, and the adult "Maker" stage. It is theorized that new offspring in the Continuum undergo a roughly 300-400 year developmental period before their coming-of-age to "Maker" status. Lack of genetic diversity within the Continuum is considered to be the root cause for their complex animistic religion, which expresses individuality, rite-of-passage, and socio-religious hierarchy through one's technological inventiveness: Literally, what machinations ("spirits") you have brought into the world. (See Mackey, Robert L. "Makers and their Spirits", Imprimátur del Imperio, 2388.)

Diet: Unknown.

Lifespan: Unknown. Presumably in the 500-600 year range, based on autopsies performed at the Centro Imperial de la Xenobiología.

Language: Highly complex. Imperial translators have postulated that up to 30% of text translated from the Continuum may be incorrect or lack key subtleties.

Social Structure: Hierarchy within the Continuum is based solely on the Spirits one has "birthed." Manual labor, grunt warfare, and menial tasks are left to pre-Makers, while administration and command are left to Makers. References to a third, ruling class known as the "Colegium" (presumably, upper-level Makers) have been recorded on two occasions. However, no member of the Colegium has ever been witnessed by a human being.

Intelligence Rating: Untested. Presumed in the Kilo-Lima range for pre-Makers, and possibly as high as the Victor-Whiskey range for Makers.

Interaction with Humans: With two key exceptions, every interaction with the Continuum has been hostile to the point of violence.

Historical note: (Claims to "Spirit-theft") ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ------------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- (Redacted: Imperial Censor MJK:29 [Clase "La Familia"])

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