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ANATOMY OF DINOSAURS on Kickstarter now!

Friends! We’re Kickstarting the new ANATOMY OF DINOSAURS book…and it’s gonna be so rad. But we need you to help bring it to life!

It’s gonna be gorgeous: Hardcover, cloth-wrapped, full color, with page after page of DINOSAURS. My last “Anatomy” book was nominated for an Eisner Award “Best Humor” book — and this book is gonna be even better! I’m so proud of it: Get one for the dino-lover in your life! (Especially if the dino-lover is you. 🙂

Get off jurassic and jump in now for access to signed bookplates, brand new merch and a limited amount of past “Anatomy” books!

Thanks pals!

PLUS! In addition to other fun add-ons like Original Art and Commissions, everyone can add on these super cute bookmarks to any tier!

Get one for you, one for your niece, and one for that weird little kid down the street who lives in a dinosaur sweatshirt! Don’t let this kickstarter go extinct without you! Back now and join in on the fun!