Comic-Con Commissions are go!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 05:12 PM

Every year, I open up my commission list for San Diego Comic-Con. It's kinda the one time of year I do it, and I love the reactions.

So! Let's not let that ruin our fun: I’m opening up my commission list for the-SDCC-that-should-have been!

This year I’m offering up *FIVE SLOTS* of fully-realized, black-and-white or color commissions (11"x14" and super frameable!)
And new this year: I'm adding a sketch card option - 5x7 black-and-white sketch of your favorite Sheldon or Drive character, personalized to you or a loved one as a gift! These replace the cool, commissioned-on-the-spot illustrations I do for folks at the show.
---> To reserve one of the commission slots, e-mail me at -- and let's get you an awesome commission!

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