Would you like an eBook of every book I've ever made?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 01:23 PM

...Because if we make our last two stretch goals in the DRIVE KICKSTARTER, every hardcover will get also be getting free eBooks of every book I've ever made. Including -- are you ready for this -- my college collection where Sheldon made his first appearance!

There's just 18 hours left, so join us! --> DriveKickstarter.com

Because if we make our last two stretch goals, your hardcover will also get you these free eBooks:

•Drive: Act 1
•Drive: Act 2
•Sheldon Book 1: Pure Ducky Goodness
•Sheldon Book 2: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
•Sheldon Book 3: 62% More Awesome
•Sheldon Book 4: Blizzard of Lizards
•Sheldon Book 5: Nerds on Parade
•Sheldon Book 6: Living Dangerously with Saturated Fats
•Sheldon Book 7: Still Got It
•Sheldon Book 8: Delightful Jokes for High-Class Folks
•Coffee: It's What's For Dinner! (Eisner Nominee!)
•Literature: Unsuccessfully Competing with TV Since 1953 (Eisner Nominee!)
•Pugs Unleashed
•Anatomy of Animals
•A Well Balanced Meal (Scripps Howard Award Nominee!)

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