*NINE* stretch goals unlocked in the Drive Kickstarter! Now, every hardcover gets super classy "Endpapers"!

Sunday, September 9, 2018 - 05:56 PM

Friends! Thank you for spreading the word about DriveKickstarter.com: Because of you, we just unlocked our NINTH stretch goal!

That means every hardcover now gets super classy "Endpapers" at the front and back of the book -- featuring rad maps! The maps will represent the state of galactic powers at the beginning and end of Act Two -- so they'll be a useful quick-flip as you're reading!


And we're not done! The *next* stretch goal adds eight pages of character concept sketches, imperial timelines, and more! So spread the word to sci-fi lovin' friends to pick up the book-- and let's make these hardcovers better and better!

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