Incredible Reader-Made Short

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 11:36 PM

Did you guys ever see this awesome short made by DRIVE reader Dan Taubert? (Here's the link, in case it's not showing up in this blog engine.) Seeing La Invencible's ring in action at the end is worth the price of admission, in my book. The whole thing is really, really cool! (...Just ignore the tiny error of human markings on Continuum ships, and appreciate all Dan's hard work in making this!)

By the way: To anyone who loves making them...I LOVE reader-made 3-D turnarounds of the ships in Drive. You can see a few examples here, on a page I very much need to update with recent ships.

Nothing makes me happier than to see people bring those ships to life! I always send personalized Drive sketches to whoever makes 'em pop. Just saaaaayin'. :)

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