Questions for the DRIVE podcast!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 12:24 PM

Over the Christmas break, I'm going to do the long-promised podcast answering any of your questions about DRIVE (..the strip, the cast, that universe...anything along those lines). Aaaaand, even cooler, I want to incorporate your questions as spoken by you.

Here's a Google voicemail number where you can leave your question: (310) 909-7057 (country code is USA: 1, if you need it). And don't worry: No one will "pick up" when you's just a voicemail box.

When you call, just leave your name, maybe where you're from...and a short, punchy question that can be used on the podcast. Thanks! This'll be fun.

(Worst case, I already have a host of great questions from you guys, here, but it'd be so much more fun to hear your voice. Call in!)

EDITED TO ADD: THE FIRST PODCAST IS UP: The firstDrive Podcast is up, answering your questions about the strip!

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