Bonus Striiiiiiiiiiip!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 08:17 PM

BAM! It's another double-dose of DRIVE on Wednesdays! I have to tell you: It's been fun speedin' up the story-telling with strips on Wednesdays and Saturdays...I'm really glad the game masters at Star Pirates folks are makin' it happen.

Speaking of which: If you haven't yet tried the Star Pirates game, get goin'. It's a free, browser-based sci-fi game where you can join La Familia mine, fight, pillage, and go to war. I've already heard back from a lot of DRIVE readers who've tried the game, and they're digging it.

Also, on today's strip: Something about parking validation for a building-size interstellar ship done gave me the chuckles. Had to work that in, somehow.

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