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Pics from the new studio!

Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 01:38 PM

Finally! After 3 months of packing, moving, unpacking, and setting up -- I'm finally in the new studio. So it's time to share some pics!


- You'll notice my magnetic project-tracking board, hung dead center. Once I'm back up to full speed, this magnetic board helps me keep tracking of what projects need attention: Sheldon, Drive, ComicLab, Kickstarters, Comic-Cons, etc.
- On the little table, a printing plate from a 1930's Bob Kane (Batman) comic that I hand-inked and printed. The plate and the print are both box-framed together.
- There are five frames hung over my standing desk that still need original art matted/framed, but I think you'll get the idea. I don't know why, but I have Cathy, Baby Blues, Zits, Sergio Aragones, and Luke McGarry pieces that I never framed.

- In the first up, the original art is spread out on the floor, as we brought their sizes into Adobe Illustrator to *digitally* lay them out on the wall, before hanging them physically.
- In the second pic, you can see the second-oldest comic I own: A Hogarth from 1746. (I have a second Hogarth from 1743 -- but it's a better quality *first printing*, and I want to keep it pristine, so it's hanging in my podcasting closet.)
- Third pic has one of my most cherished items: The poster from my movie Stripped, signed by Bill Watterson
- Fourth pic has a pic over my desk that I love: Jeannie Schulz giving me a tour of Charles Schulz' desk, from when I stayed at their house.
- Fifth pic shows my comics collection, for which I am sorely lacking shelf space.

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This week's ComicLab Podcast!

Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 09:24 AM

For the cartoonists and comics lovers among us, I have something new and fun: A weekly podcast called ComicLab, with my friend and fellow cartoonist, Brad Guigar. It's half cartooning shop-talk, half pro tips, and half friendship. WE SQUEEZED IN THREE HALVES.

...have a listen below, or on iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, or anywhere podcasts can be heard! Or even on our dedicated Patreon page:!

This week Dave and Brad field some tough questions about the best ways to handle negative comments and clingy fans. They also discuss using Instagram stories for comics promotion and strategies for writing longform comics

But first, following up on last week's fascination with the "B.C." comic strip, Brad tells Dave about how "The Flintstones" used to do in-show smoking commercials?

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